Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Leticia McKinney keeps it fashionable

Dr. Leticia McKinney, Assistant Professor in the Fashion Merchandising Department, is one of the few African American professors at Immaculata University. She is married and has a miniature Schnauzer named Lacy. She was born in Greenville, North Carolina, where most of her family resides. After high school, she left home to pursue higher education.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree from North Carolina A&T University and her Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy from Virginia Tech University; all of her degrees were in clothes and textiles. She worked in retail at both store and corporate levels in both Virginia and Wisconsin.

She completed a one year Post-Doctoral  appointment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW). Prior to moving to Pennsylvania, she taught undergraduate and graduate retailing courses at UW for three years.

Dr. McKinney chose a career in fashion because she was interested in clothing construction. She began sewing at the age of 9 and entered the 4-H fashion revenues every year. She continued sewing in high school and entered clothing events through Future Homemakers of America (FHA).

In her career, the most important reward she achieved focused on assisting students with their career goals and plans. She feels that knowing what she can do on a daily basis can help someone else. She enjoys all things fashion-related because she feels it is “her thing.” Dr. McKinney is also interested in sewing and playing the flute. She has a passion for Interior Decorating because she loves creating comfortable living and work spaces.

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Dr. McKinney’s parents are her motivation for putting forth her greatest effort. She realizes the sacrifices they made for her and she demonstrates her appreciation to them by working hard.

Her most rewarding college experience was graduation day. She was recognized for highest honors, summa cum laude. When it comes to managing her personal and work life, this is an area Dr. McKinney is not the best at.

In fact, it is a constant struggle for her and she feels she has not mastered the balance. She believes that playing the flute is a step toward doing something for her. Ten years from now, Dr. McKinney sees herself being involved with some aspect of Interior Design because it is one area she is very passionate about and concepts applied in fashion are closely related to interiors.

Author: Co-Editor-in-Chief

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