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Carrie Quigley ’19

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This past Thanksgiving, retail stores big and small fought for Black Friday’s biggest bargains. While some people may have been fast asleep, others were out crowded around Target shopping centers, outlet stores, and large shopping malls. Black Friday seems to bring out the fight and dedication in all shoppers as they anxiously wait for the store doors to open and rush towards the “must have” items on their holiday lists. Retail managers prepare for this day all month long and unwind every day after. Bargain shoppers know exactly where to go, what time, and how to successfully save loads of money in just one day of shopping. If this whole day were not enough savings for the average American, the weekend continues with Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday deals with constant media recognition as well as an overload of spam e-mails. Although some people may believe that this whole weekend introduces the best deals of the year, others may argue that the better savings occur after the holidays are over. Also, some people may only shop on Black Friday and throughout the entire weekend because of the economic rush of purchasing “must have” items at a reasonably lower cost while others treat Black Friday like any other day of the week. Nonetheless, the amount of attention and social media recognition for this entire weekend has overall increased throughout the years and it will surely continue in this upward motion in the future.



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