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Lack of clean drinking water is the world’s largest crisis. About one billion people, or one in seven people on earth are without clean drinking water. Today, somewhere around 4,000 children will die because of water sanitation issues. HumanKind water recognized this problem, and has been doing everything they can since to solve this international dilemma. HumanKind Water is an organization that helps give clean drinking water to people in need around the world. When someone buys one water bottle, this organization is able to give someone clean drinking water for one hundred days. The organization also just released a new line of organic iced tea and lemonade, which provides someone 50 gallons of clean drinking water. HKW is a non-profit organization, so 100% of the proceeds are used to improve lives. The revenue generated from the sale of the water bottles and other products is used to build drinking wells in underdeveloped countries. So far, the organization has managed to build 130 water wells in 8 countries across 4 continents. One of these locations even includes the United States, in Flint, Michigan. Being a non-profit, HumanKind water needs volunteers who are passionate about helping others, and this is where we fit in.

Immaculata’s Enactus team adopted this organization, and works with HumanKind water to help in any aspect the organization needs. Enactus students have been given the opportunity to work closely with the president of HumanKind water, Ethan Frey. This has allowed students to experience real-life business proposals, as well as help a good cause. In the first meeting, students were able to hear from Ethan what he wanted to see from Enactus students. From there, the students thought of innovative ways to improve the company. The HKW team met with him a second time to discuss the progress made so far, and were able to try the new organic iced teas and lemonades before the official release. So far this semester, they have focused on improving HumanKind water’s direct marketing, as well as a fundraiser, and a communication plan for the company. To assist with marketing, the Enactus team has gone to different distributors of the product, and sat outside to tell people about HumanKind water. They reached out to a large group of people, received some donations, and even boosted the sales of the distributor by encouraging people to buy the water bottles. Another project they are working on in regards to direct marketing is expanding the distributors of HumanKind water. The most well-known place that these water bottles are sold is in all Turkey Hill locations. The drinks are also sold in other small convenience stores and cafes in eastern Pennsylvania. They are working on putting the water bottles into Hobby Lobby, Cotton On, and even on Immaculata’s very own campus. For a fundraiser, Enactus has created a campaign that will be taking place in the spring at Hershey High School in Lancaster, including a ‘Walk for Water’. For a communication plan, the students have developed a message house, a newsletter, and updated the organizations social media. Immaculata hopes to keep helping HumanKind Water so that we can become one step closer to giving everyone access to clean drinking water. If you would like to help, anyone can join the HumanKind Water group in Enactus. Even just by purchasing one bottle of water, you are helping someone in need!


Author: Co-Editor-in-Chief

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