What Will 9 Billion People Eat?

Gianna Hoyos ’20

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Provided by Nexus Mods

Provided by Nexus Mods

On Monday November 7th, Immaculata University was host to Linda Froelich, “global sustainability director for FMC Corporation and member of the advisory board for Wharton’s Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership.”

She explored the challenges of feeding the world’s projected population. To better understand what Froelich and this corporation are about, here’s a little background information. They’ve been “serving agricultural, industrial and consumer markets globally for more than a century with innovative solutions, applications and quality products.”

Some key points that were mentioned at this presentation in Loyola Hall Room 127 was; reducing environmental impact while strengthening communities, developing plant health platform including biological, seed treatments. Over and over again, Froleich mentioned, “sustainability is key.”

Many people should be conscientiously aware of what foods they’re eating considering many organizations use harmful products to enhance crop yield and quality.

Overall, this was a very informative presentation and gave you a look into what the FMC are involved in what they does what this organization does and how their products and the technology they use, are better than what other organizations use/do.


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