New Immaculata President: Barbara Lettiere

Moriah Hunter ’20 

Staff Writer

Immaculata has taken a huge step in the development of the university by recently electing a new university president. Alumni Barbara Lettiere was officially elected as the new president by the Board of Trustees at the beginning of this month, and is set to take office July 1st. This new change is certainly exciting, but many students may be wondering about how much work and effort was put into finding the absolute best candidates for the presidency. The selection process was certainly not an easy one, so a lot of careful scrutinizing and decision making had to take place in order to guide Immaculata to its best and brightest future.

Provided by University Communications

Provided by University Communications

The search for candidates began in early April of last year when the Search Committee began developing a search profile and advertising the open position to the public. The real work began when the committee began reviewing candidate materials in September of 2016. Sixty resumes were screened by the committee, as well as by a national search firm that aided in administrative work, so there was an abundant and diverse group of applicants for the committee to choose from. Despite the numerous options, the committee was able to narrow the selection down to 10 semi-finalists by late December and eventually 3 finalists by early January. From the final 3, the Board of Trustees made the final decision on the new university president.

The Search Committee was kind enough to give a bit of an inside look on their thought process while going through the selections, as well as opinions about the chosen candidate and her future here at Immaculata. Dr. Cuddy-Casey represented the committee as a whole when giving information about the new president. When asked about the standards that the committee had while searching for candidates, Dr. Cuddy-Casey stated that one of the most important qualities for the new president was their desire to embrace the mission and standards that we have here at Immaculata, as well as carry on the ideals of the IHM sisters. This would require the candidate to have good leadership skills, an understanding of student’s academic needs, and a transparency towards all those within the school. The Board of Trustees came to their final decision based off these criteria as well as Lettiere’s extensive background experience and her willingness to commit to improving the school.

Personal opinion from the students was also taken into consideration during this whole process. Open sessions were held for all university students attend where they could meet and talk to the 3 final candidates on campus, and Dr. Cuddy-Casey stated that the Board of Trustees had access to all of the student survey data. The data was analyzed and taken into consideration during the selection process.

The committee and the board are very excited to have Lettiere in the Immaculata community and are very confident in her abilities to lead the school. They fully expect her to create a positive, flourishing, and intellectual environment for all students and faculty in our lovely home under the dome.

Author: Co-Editor-in-Chief

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