Stephanie Marinelli ‘25, Managing Editor

While getting ready to write this article, I decided to challenge myself – what if I played a song that gets me going in the gym, while working on homework? I have always had a difficult time focusing my attention on more than one thing at once, as I prefer to completely “zone in” if you will. It’s just what has worked, and I’ve never veered away from this practice–until now. 

The thing is, when I listen to music, I need to fully immerse myself in the experience, singing every single lyric, and hitting every note. Nothing is more invigorating! This could further explain why I have stopped 6 times so far to regroup and gather my thoughts. I don’t understand how other people do it – how do they not worry that they’ll accidentally end up typing out a lyric in their paper? What if the song is extremely explicit? See my problem here? This is more than just a focus issue, it could lead to complete destruction of one’s reputation! I’d like to think that the situation would play out like this:

“My thoughts on this pressing matter are similar “starships are meant to fly” to..” 

(Mhavril39 et al.)

[The lyrics reference Nicki Minaj’s hit song, “Starships,” from the album Pink Friday. (Mhavril39 et al.)]

If you are wondering what exactly you just read – I don’t know either. And that’s my point – I get so lost in the tunes that my work then suffers. ***Right at this moment I had to get up and walk away for five minutes, because the song got to me.

However you study, complete tasks, or do work, just make sure you are creating a comfortable environment, and don’t feel pressured to wear headphones in the library because “they look cool.” I am always going to be a quiet floor resident, and I’m perfectly okay with that. 

And if you are one of my friend’s who is reading this, NO WE CANNOT DO OUR HOMEWORK TOGETHER! (no offense) 

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