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As the baseball season has begun, Philadelphia Phillies fans should expect the song “Dancing On My Own” to reappear on their televisions. If you’re someone like me, you were wondering why the Phillies have decided to make this song their anthem. Simply enough, this song is adored by Philadelphians and the Phillies players because of its ability to open the flood gates of success and excitement. In the beginning of the 2023 season, “Dancing On My Own”, was never meant to be used for its current purpose. However, halfway through the season, the Phils were facing defeat. Garrett Stubbs, catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, noted to CBS that the players longed for hope within the song. 

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Where did the song come from? How did it get to Philadelphia? Kyle Schwarber, designated hitter for the Philadelphia Phillies and former left fielder for the Boston Red Sox, brought the song to us from the Red Sox. Boston had utilized the song in the 2021 ALCS and Kevin Plawecki, former catcher for the Red Sox, had it listed as his walkup song. When the Red Sox lost to the Astros in the ALCS, the song was no longer serving its purpose and they agreed to let it go. 

To the Philadelphia Phillies and their fans, “Dancing On My Own” is seen as a sign of hope, victory, power, and encouragement. Stubbs told ‘Sporting News’, “But you play the song and we have the group of guys that we have in this clubhouse and you have the vibe of all the personalities that we have, people see that and are drawn to it. And then we win games. It makes the song what it is”. This song is a hype-song that allows for everyone to gather together and mesh with each other, whether you’re a player, Phillies ‘Phan’, or anyone visiting Citizens Bank Park. 


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