Madison Thibodeau ’21, Staff Writer

Source: Getty Images

We have all had them. The funky, dirty, gritty retail jobs. Whether at a grocery store, gas station or ice-cream parlor – we have experienced that job no one wants.

 Do you remember all the teenagers goofing around, the middle aged people in a constant crisis, and the old people always miserable? Because I have experienced it and so have you.

However, as much as we hated “punching in” – we “punched out” with a smile on our faces. I am sure many of you are reading that last sentence and shaking your head. But really think back to all those hours you spent making connections with every age group.

The manager the yelling about nonsense. The older men or women that are having conversations with themselves. The grump who constantly complains about co-workers and customers. The irritating teenager that just will not stop fooling around. The customer service representative that continues to page your name. The store director that thinks he or she knows everything about anything.

The list could go on and on of all the abnormal people working at a retail job. The weak ones will quit in a few months and the tough ones will stick it out for a few years. Although, eventually, we sent in our resignation and walked out of our last shift with glee.

But the people we worked with were like a second family. These co-workers irritated us to no end, but we cared for them all the same. This time in our young adult lives was shaped because of these peculiar, irritating, and amusing co-workers. These experiences may have even made us humble or thoughtful or compassionate.

Now, think back – do you remember the craziness of THAT retail job? How did it change YOU? Are you different now?