Elizabeth Miller ’25, Staff Writer

Critical Role is finally back with their third Dungeons and Dragons campaign! Run by the magnificent dungeon master and voice actor, Matthew Mercer, this campaign takes place yet again on the fantasy world of Exandria, this time on the continent of Marquet. This campaign, along with their two previous campaigns, is stand alone, so you don’t need to know the contents of the previous campaigns to follow along with the storyline.

There is a lot in store for this campaign. Critical Role has been revamped with a new set up, fully fixed with projectors and built in microphones to transform the set to match any described settings. They will also be using a new custom built table with their logo engraved in the center.

The first episode aired on October 26th, 2021; it’s not too late to catch up and watch episodes live. Here is a brief overview of the characters along with their official fanart by Hanna Friederichs (@agarthanguide on Twitter and Instagram), which can be seen at https://critrole.com/hype-check-out-our-official-campaign-3-character-art-by-hannah-friederichs-and-jrusar-art-by-clara-daly/.

Fom right to left, there is Dorian Storm, Orym, Ashton Greymoore, Fearne Calloway, Imogen Temult, Laudna, Fresh Cut Grass, and Sir Bertrand Bell. Robbie Daymond plays Dorian, an air genasi bard. Daymond is currently a guest to the campaign, and will likely take part in only the first arc of the campaign. Orym, a halfling fighter and member of the Air Ashari, is played by Liam O’Brien. Fearne is played by Ashley Johnson, and she is a faun druid. Dorian, Orym, and Fearne debuted in the Exandria Unlimited mini-series that aired over the summer. While Exandria Unlimited is a preface to these characters, you don’t need to watch it for the campaign. Moving on, Ashton, an earth genasi barbarian, is played by Taliesin Jaffe. Ashton’s new companion, Fresh Cut Grass (FCG for short), is an aeormaton (automaton) cleric played by Sam Riegel. FCG’s previous owner, and maker named all of her automatons after her favorite smells, and Ashton jokingly calls him “Letters.” Laura Bailey plays Imogen, a human sorcerer, and her friend Laudna, an undead (hollow one) warlock and sorcerer, is played by Marisha Ray. Lastly, Sir Bertrand Bell, played by Travis Willingham, is a returning character from The Search for Grog one-shot that helped conclude Critical Role’s first campaign. Bell is a human fighter, and is in his 70s at the start of the third campaign. However, Bell is only a temporary character for Willingham. He intends to kill off Bell at some point before introducing his permanent character, but he doesn’t know when or how this will happen yet.

Check out the Critical Role Wiki for the stats and more information about these characters. In the coming weeks we will eventually get to hear what this adventuring party will call themselves!

Each episode is live streamed on Twitch and Youtube weekly on Thursdays at 7pm PST. These episodes are available at https://www.twitch.tv/criticalrole or https://youtube.com/criticalrole during the livestream, on Twitch for reruns, and posted on Youtube the following Monday at 12pm PST. Recaps of each episode and the previous campaigns are available at https://critrole.com/ along with their art galleries and the link to their shop.