Nicole DeOrzio ’24, Staff Writer

This semester has been a breath of fresh air for many students at Immaculata University. After over a year of COVID-19 restrictions, classes are being conducted in person once again, and campus life is coming alive. The Office of Student Life is taking full advantage of this “return to normal” by reintroducing some of its programming that had been abandoned or limited during the 2020-2021 school year. One such program is “Mac Happenings,” which is a series of small events that take place regularly throughout the academic year.

On the first Monday, third Thursday, and final Friday of every month, students can enjoy a “Mac Happening.” The Programming Assistants in the Office of Student Life organize and run these events.  Therefore, they are designed by students, for students. Most of these events revolve around a national holiday, which makes every event a unique experience. Many students may not even know about the national holiday until they visit the “Mac Happening” table. These events are always free to attend, and they may include an activity that students can engage in or a small giveaway.

So far, two of these events have taken place this semester. The first event, “Preserve the Ozone Layer Day,” was held on September 16 to promote environmental awareness. The Office of Student Life created small fact sheets about what the ozone layer is, why it is important, and how to protect it. These sheets were then attached to bags containing metal forks and spoons. Students were encouraged to take one of these bags, learn about the importance of the ozone layer, and do their part in protecting the environment by using the free metal utensils instead of plastic ones. In addition, an event called “Fast Friday” was held on September 24. During the late morning and early afternoon hours, a table was set up below the dining hall where students could pick up a movie ticket for a showing of Disney Pixar’s Cars later that night in Loyola 127. As a souvenir, students could also take a toy car of their choosing from the table. Once again, this event was free for all students.

Fast Friday Event” photo provided by Tommy Pierce

Programming Assistant Tommy Pierce (’24) has said, “I’m planning lots of big things for ‘Mac Happenings’ this year. A lot of the events will have a larger scale than previous years.” He has given The Immaculatan a sneak peek into some of next month’s “Mac Happenings.” One event will teach students how to build credit, which will prepare them for adult life. Another event will be on Back Campus and focus on mental health.

Students can find information regarding future “Mac Happenings” on the IU App and on Instagram @iu_involved. If you have any questions about a planned event or if you have suggestions for a future event, please feel free to contact Tommy Pierce at Remember, “Mac Happenings” are made possible by student enthusiasm and participation!