Virginia Lindak Ph.D, Faculty Member

Remembering Dr. Brian Petersen with gratitude and admiration for all he brought to the Immaculata community. Brian was a colorful and energetic professor, well-liked by his colleagues, undergraduate and graduate students. He held the position of assistant professor and program director for the M.S. in Management and Leadership, and joined the Business, Fashion and Leadership department in 2013 as a faculty member. Always extending an offer to help beyond classroom hours, Brian’s sincere dedication to his students was a hallmark of both his personality and his teaching style. He taught a plethora of courses with enthusiasm and skill, his lightning-quick intellect leading the way. He often expressed how much he loved to teach.

As we mourn his sudden passing, a loss felt by us all, we can celebrate what he meant to us. I will remember his tireless help and assistance getting me through the near incomprehensible world of quantitative research analysis at the doctoral level. Brian would meet me each week with his trademark cup of hot tea from the library café and a smile on his face, eager to delve into a full lesson despite it being a class of just one. I would secretly marvel at his expert grasp of complex statistical equations, which often felt like deciphering a foreign language, and try to keep up. He would take the time to break everything down step by step until I was clear. He also offered early advice on my dissertation, which was valuable and brilliant, like most things he said.

Brian was a gifted individual in so many ways, and a gift to the Immaculata community. He will be missed.

Source: Immaculata University