Jordan Miller ‘23, Managing Editor

I have always been a student who prefers to get my work done well before the due date. I am the opposite of a procrastinator. In fact, I really can’t enjoy my free time if thoughts of unfinished school work linger in the back of my mind. While I used to obsessively check Moodle twenty times per day just to “make sure” I didn’t miss any assignments, I now have a system in place that I use each week to keep myself organized, on track, and very happy. That system is called my weekly planner. 

I purchased it at Staples for around $9, one of the cheapest options. Would you believe planners are somewhat expensive? However, this $9 investment is the saving grace that gets me through the semester. It is based around the academic calendar and is divided between each month of the school year. Each month is then broken down into a separate week on a separate page. This gives me the freedom to write down my assignments due for the week in a neat and organized fashion. 

Every Monday morning, I pull out my planner, flip to the current week, and browse through Moodle as I write down each and every assignment I need to complete for the week. I also check the syllabus for each class in case the professor has not updated the Moodle page. It takes me about 5-10 minutes to write down every assignment. Next, I grab my various colored highlighters and rank each assignment by what is due the soonest. Then, I am finished. I can now begin my work for the week.

There is something so satisfying about crossing each assignment off my list as I complete them. I don’t dread doing my work anymore because I am no longer overwhelmed with everything I need to do. I can see everything right in front of my eyes and there are no surprises. The best part about my routine is that because I am so on top of my assignments,  I usually never have any homework on the weekends. I can tuck away my backpack into my closet and enjoy the stress-free break.

Not only has using a planner contributed to my success as a student, but it has also helped my mental health a lot. I think it is so important to have a couple of days per week that are free from schoolwork. Your brain needs time to unwind and relax. Time management is an important skill. Some days I will wake up a little earlier because I know I have more to do that day. To me, it is worth it. I would rather have laid-back weekends than be worrying about finishing a paper. 

In reality, you do not need to spend a fortune on a planner. There are plenty of free online resources. Personally, I like writing things down on paper. Regardless, I encourage everyone to make use of this simple tool. Write down all your assignments every Monday morning. Keep yourself organized, and you will see a lot of success in your future. Being a college student is difficult. Do yourself a favor and take every opportunity to make your week seem a little less stressful. 

Also, your planner does not just have to be school-related. Include other tasks or goals you wish to complete. I sometimes will add a note to remind myself to drink water, work out, or even just go for a walk. Setting goals is completely life-changing. 

Source: Jordan Miller