Natalie Martini ’21, Managing Editor


Who would have thought that the most important accessory on our graduation day would be a mask, rather than a cap and gown. The pandemic has influenced the major hallmarks in people’s lives, and has interrupted countless plans that otherwise may have been enjoyed. Not to mention, the losses that many people have suffered, and the profound amount of anxiety everyone endured because of it. As a graduating senior this semester, I think it is important to consider one’s perspective when reflecting back on four years of college, and where we have ended up. For some individuals, the obstacles they have experienced over the recent years have impacted them positively, whereas others are still processing their negative experiences and are less confident about moving forward. In considering these two perspectives with seniors at Immaculata University, it seems that some students are excited to begin the next chapter in their life, while others have expressed their uncertainty about starting an independent life after graduation.

Looking back at 2020, it is clear that the graduates last year likely had one of the biggest adjustments to make during the pandemic, as they were thrown into the working world during quarantine. One can only imagine how difficult that would be at such an uncertain time, and when there were so limited companies hiring new employees. While things are slightly better this year, there is still an anxiety present whenever a senior must consider their job options, especially for those who are not completely certain what type of job they want to pursue. Nonetheless, some students are quite optimistic about their future after Immaculata University.

When asking other seniors to look back on their time at Immaculata University and offer their perspective on graduation this year, there were various responses. An Exercise Science major’s response was, “Very positive.” He went on to explain, “I feel like I’ve accomplished something huge, and also considering the pandemic I feel like we all went through something very difficult and still graduated. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Many people continue to complain on social media and circulate negativity about the state of their lives, ignoring all the positive aspects of their lives and all that they did accomplish. Some seniors have seemingly viewed this past year as their ultimate obstacle before finishing this chapter in their life. They recognize the bad with the good and use it to their advantage.

This is an attribute that many have trouble attaining, but everyone’s experience is much different.

 Despite the troubles caused by the pandemic and how students have responded to it, some seniors have carried the stress of graduation with them throughout their entire college experience. Whether it be about keeping a certain GPA, figuring out their career path, or graduating at all, these students have been motivated by pressure, and are facing the outcome of their journey relatively soon.


When asking another senior, who is a Communications major, she said, “I feel an uneasiness when it comes to graduating. Partly because I missed a huge chunk of my college life when the pandemic hit and I’m not ready to let it go.” This point echoed my original thought of how seniors might feel about graduating. While it is an achievement that we made it this far, there is still an emptiness for some people who feel their senior experience is ending in unideal circumstances. She then went on to say, “Mainly though, I feel like I’m not yet prepared for life outside of this school. I feel lost about my next step and inadequate when I see all my friends getting jobs and accepted into graduate school. The pandemic really halted my search for what I want to do next and here I am with three months still unsure.” She then went on to explain how she is unable to spend time with her friends on campus like she used to, stating, “This is not the senior year I envisioned.”

It s evident that for some individuals, mostly for residents of the campus, they feel that they lost all the fun aspects of college when the pandemic persisted through their final semesters. This is especially the case for those who are uncertain or anxious about their next steps after graduation, as the pandemic inhibited many students from exploring opportunities. The senior ended her thoughts with, “I would be bold and say that the class of 2021 was the class that suffered the most within this pandemic, as many of us aren’t sure what our next steps are, nor are we certain when we’ll be able to see the friends we love before our time at Immaculata runs out.”

In considering these different senior perspectives on graduating in the Spring of 2021, it seems that while some are proud of their experiences and confident about their future, others are not quite ready to go forward. This may be due to the pandemic or it simply may be due to personal circumstances that the pandemic has reinforced. Some seniors, including myself, have been at a loss for direction in their entire four years as a college student, and are nervous to move up into the working world when they do not feel they have completed the current stage of their life. However, there are still the remaining months of the semester for that to change. Despite our differing perspectives of graduating during a pandemic, every senior is working to make this last semester count, and will hopefully find a fulfilling outcome to end their experience at Immaculata University.