Abigail Yarrison ’24, Managing Editor

Source: Immaculata.edu

Immaculata University is on a streak of expansion and success. First the IHM Student Center and athletic track in 2019, and now the Parsons Science Pavilion, appropriately named after the Parsons family whose generous donation made the $6.5 million campaign a reality. Today, President Lettiere along with the Parsons family, students, and the construction team gathered in the auditorium for a ceremony before the groundbreaking of the science center.

Speaking during the event was Gerry Parson, representing the whole Parsons family. Mr. Parson and his family have been engaged with the community for over 60 years, holding fundraisers, teaching, and graduating from the school. Mr. Parson remarked that the science pavilion will “start a new chapter for Immaculata as they expand and bring more technology into their sciences and health care programs.” And how true he is. The Pavilion not only offers more classrooms and laboratories, but they will be installing a state-of-the-art Anatomage Table for virtual-reality anatomy and dissection. A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer and a Mass Spectrometer will be available for use in chemistry labs, and PCR/DNA Amplifier machines for use across the sciences. These game changing technologies will give Immaculata’s science students an in-depth education that will allow them to succeed in whatever science field they enter, from nursing to teaching.

Two other speakers at the event are students in the science department, Francesca Kalie and Maggie Barnes. Both students expressed their gratitude for the amazing educational experience Immaculata offers its students. Francesca, a Secondary Education and Biology major, said during her speech that “Immaculata’s natural science department is incredible for students, however, the Parsons Science Pavilion will enhance the department even more than ever.” And the 15,592 square foot building, with its 7 wet labs and computer lab will definitely be enhancing the school’s science program. With the field of science and nursing always expanding, this new addition to the school will put Immaculata ahead of the game.

President Lettiere expects the building to be finished by the fall semester of 2022. She plans to establish a new School of Health Professions on campus to complement the new center. The team working on the project consists of Chester Valley Engineers, R.C Legnini as the construction managers, and Crabtree Rohrbough as the architects. Immaculata University is steadily raising its game in the college arena. With the new advancements, there is no doubt that its students will be well prepared for life after college.