Natalie Martini ’21, Managing Editor


As cases of COVID-19 continue at high numbers in Pennsylvania, Universities continue to take precautions for the sake of their students and staff. Immaculata is no exception here, as they have not only offered accommodations for those choosing to learn remotely for their classes, but are also providing a new student intake form that acts as a report for anyone who is experiencing symptoms. The form also serves as a way for students to alert the campus if they have been exposed to anyone with the virus, or if they themselves have tested positive.

This new procedure must be completed by individuals who fall under the category of experiencing any of the cases listed above. It prevents further exposure to others on campus, and alerts Immaculata’s offices of the student’s situation, allowing them to make academic adjustments for the student, or offer any other support they may need. This new intake form was created as a more organized system to keep track of students who are experiencing symptoms, received a positive test result, or have been around someone who tested positive for the virus. By communicating these things to the Immaculata offices, the student can receive some direction on what to do next, when they can return to campus, and any accommodations for learning remotely in the meantime.

The form can currently be accessed on the MyIU home page under campus notifications, on the left side of the screen, or students can refer to the COVID-19 page on the University website. The link to the form can also be accessed through the Immaculata app under the COVID-19 Information Resources section. The intake form holds the same format as the learning accommodations request form, as it is quick and easy to navigate and complete. It asks for basic information about the student that remains confidential and non-intrusive of the student’s personal situation.

So why is this important? With the campus open again, running partly in person classes, and partly online, residents and commuters who have returned to campus for the semester must take precautions to keep themselves, as well as those around them safe. Although we are a small school, and there may not be too many people on campus currently, there is still always a risk with any gathering of people, even when wearing masks and social distancing. This form simply acts as a way to prevent any chance of spreading the virus for those who know they pose a potential risk for those around them.