Stephanie Marinelli ’25, Managing Editor

I have never been one to believe in ancient myths or supposed “fallacies,” and yet, the lore of the zodiac intrigues me like no other. Frankly, I had absolutely no idea what my zodiac sign even was, before I was given what astrologers call a “birth chart” of information that frighteningly described my character down to a T. 

Born on August 29th, 2003, at 8:40 am, I fall under the sign of Virgo, which exists between a month’s time frame (August 23rd-September 23rd). While there is much more personal research to be done into why exactly the signs were created and how they correlate to certain periods in the year, I have a general understanding that it relates to the movement and position of the sun, as well as the constellation the sign exists in at the present moment (as according to Sounds confusing? Yeah, I think so too. But I’m not here to explain the science or lack of, behind such. I am here to explain just how much this supposed falsity seems to be true in just about every aspect for me.

My sun sign, which represents my overall being, my tendencies, thought patterns, and what drives my actions, is set in Virgo. Known by their keen eye for details, perfectionist nature, nervous energy, and obsession with bodily health/fitness, this sign often finds the most struggle in life balance. And sure enough, every single one of the attributes I just mentioned is something that I possess and deal with. By Virgo’s naturally conservative nature, they are not one to trust easily, or show their emotions to people they’ve just met. Even close friends may never see them cry or lash out. However, this does not necessarily mean that they aren’t capable of feeling. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. As someone who often feels too much (sensory overload), I internalize this part of me for fear of drawing attention to myself, or seeming attention-seeking. Virgoeans are incredibly independent and selfishly believe that only they are capable of reaching the standards closest to perfection, even though such does not exist (and will go to self-destructive lengths to prove it). Thus, a Virgo like I will never reveal my struggle or feelings, as I believe that whatever I’m going through, I must handle it on my own (not a great idea!). As mentioned earlier, Virgos are FULL of nervous energy, which can be accredited to their inclination to put 110% effort into EVERYTHING they do, all while trying to stay sane enough to maybe, just maybe, include a bit of down time. 


However, the findings that truly scare me are the career path recommendations suggested by, which include journalist, writer, and typist, along with caregiver, which fulfills “their need to serve others.” As a journalism major, I was stunned. With Mercury as my ruling planet (don’t worry, I’m not entirely sure what it means either), my communication skills are a defining factor of my personality, and explains why I may come off as “long-winded” at times. Furthermore, my personal desire for truth, no matter the circumstances, speaks to the critical nature of my sign, and the need to discuss every little thing that seems “shifty” for fear of being lied to or hurt. If this doesn’t scare you as much as it does me, then maybe my communication skills aren’t up to my unattainable standards just yet.

Astrology is not backed by a board of scientists, nor researchers working on their doctoral thesis. It originates from early philosophy and has been passed down through several generations and cultures, becoming more fruitful as time passes. I am not asking you to believe me, as I’m not even sure that what I’m experiencing isn’t just some freak coincidence. But, I would request that you open your mind to the idea of such, and maybe delve into your birth chart, to understand how you operate and what you can do to better yourself as a human being.