Stephanie Marinelli ‘25, Managing Editor

I’ve done quite a bit of reflecting on this matter lately, and I found that my last approach to the topic was a bit too negative. Being a twin is arguably the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

There is always someone who knows exactly what I am thinking and talking about–and I recognize this for the privilege that it is. Of course, during childhood, there was always a bit of tension in regards to identity and personal style, but that is to be expected in this situation. Why did I always have to wear purple and she had to wear pink? Why did we have to differentiate ourselves for other people (they would still manage to call me Gina anyway)? 

The humorous part of all of this is that I don’t think we look that much alike! Furthermore, I often forget I am a twin entirely–thus, when someone mentions it, I seem to be just as shocked as they are! What?! I was born at the same time as someone else? It was not ever a big deal to me, as I was so used to it, until I started analyzing my relationship with my other sibling, who is three years older. I am incredibly tight-knit with my brother, but there are certain planes of connection that we don’t reside on–which is perfectly fine, but certainly noticeable. I don’t look to him to mirror my behaviors and feedback, nor do I expect such. At the same time, I am so incredibly thankful that someone does exist to do so.

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I don’t mean to sound selfish, as my twin is her own person, but I am beyond lucky that she is here, as I don’t think that I could live life to the fullest without her.