Ella Bonaventure, Social Media Manager

After stepping away from the stage for seven years, working on his mental health, Bo Burnham steps back into the spotlight. Locked inside his guesthouse with no crew, no audience, comedian Bo Burnham creates a life changing comedy special. His one man show filled with laughter also brings tears to one’s eyes; Burnham spotlights the negative sides of the career he has chosen. When it comes to being the comedic relief in life, no one talks about the downsides. However, stepping away from the social norm of being the so-called “funny guy”, he dives deep into his declining mental health. 

Setback after setback, panic attack after panic attack, Inside was created. A special, calling out the wrongs of society through songs written by Burnham himself. As the special continues, the decline of Burnham’s mental health is highlighted, normalizing the decline of mental states. Burnham’s career started by him sitting in his room alone in front of a camera singing comedically. After a long career of performing in front of live audiences, he is back to being in a room by himself. From the camera work to the messages brought about, Inside is a masterpiece which should be watched by all.