Jordan Miller ’23, Social Media Manager

I am in the final semester of my senior year at Immaculata. The time has flown by! In January, I began my internship with Piqued Public Relations. Over the summer, I casually browsed for internships but I did not find anything that stuck out to me. One of my advisors emailed me about an open position at Piqued, and I immediately wanted to apply and interview for the position.

As a communications major, I was never quite sure about what type of career I wanted to pursue after graduation. After all, there are so many different options to choose from. Communications has a lot of branches: event planning, social media management, public relations, etc. I had taken a couple PR related courses during my junior year but there was still so much I wanted to learn about the field.

This internship has already taught me so much valuable knowledge about the industry! I have learned about pitching to editors, managing social media accounts for businesses, taking brand photos, and so much more! Personally, my favorite has been pitching to editors. I send new products from our clients to these editors to see if they will be interested in featuring the pieces in their publication. Patricia, the CEO of Piqued Public Relations, also has her own podcast! She interviews brands, business owners, and influencers from all over the country.

Each week I am super excited to go to my internship to see what tasks I will be assigned. I cannot believe it is almost halfway through! I was very nervous awaiting the first few days, but it has truly been a wonderful experience so far. Learning about the PR world is interesting and there is a lot to learn. If you have any interest in the public relations industry, I strongly recommend you intern at a PR firm.

When you are looking for internships, find one that has something valuable for you to learn. Don’t settle for something you are not interested in. Aspire for your dream career! If you need help, you can reach out to your advisor for a helping hand or you can stop by the career center at Immaculata University. The career center has lots of professional contacts and they can help get you in touch with them. I know it might seem overwhelming, but your internship will help bring you clarity about the type of career you want after graduation.