Athena Kritikson ’26, Staff Writer

Do you ever just feel like dancing? Well, on April 14th The Immaculata Dance Company had their annual dance recital. IUDC performed eight different dances that ranged from solos and duets, to group dances. Jess Italiano ​​’24, president of IUDC, described this year’s recital as “a little bit of each person’s own,” encasing that IUDC allows for people’s creativity to shine through. Maggie Ahern ’25, member of IUDC described the show as “very dynamic.” Not only does IUDC allow for their dancers to take their own artistic, creative liberty into their own hands, it is also open for anyone to join. Ahern says how the club “…is not excluded to people who have been dancing before, anyone can join.” 

This year’s overarching theme focused on allowing every dancer to show off their skill. Six dances were individually choreographed by the dancers performing, and the two group dances were choreographed by Italiano, crafted to show off everyone’s unique talents and skills. This student-run dance company is a close knit team that put in work both semesters to perfect their show. Ahern expressed how she had the opportunity to watch it all come together, and that she was most excited for the group dances. Elizabeth Miller ’25, secretary of IUDC, explained the work that goes into making this all come together: “It’s more than just dancing, it’s learning how to walk on stage, we have to cut our own music to the time frames, lighting design, and costume design.” Miller even made one of her own costumes for the show. Italiano explained that “seeing my vision on people is cool to see.” After the show Abigail Yarrison ’24, member of IUDC, expressed that “After the show everyone is so proud, and though I’m sad that it’s over, it’s another memory.”

With the success of the dance recital, there is a lot to look forward to in the future. Ahern expressed how she wants to see more people involved to make IUDC even bigger. Italiano says that in the future she also hopes to see more dances, creativity, and dancers. Maybe you can be the next dancer in IUDC to make their recital even bigger!

If you are interested in joining IUDC, email Jessica Italiano for more information:

Photo credit to Athena Kritikson