Athena Kritikson, Editor in Chief 

What makes Immaculata more special than its history and the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, IHM? These Sisters, Servants of the IHM, founded the very school we are so blessed to call our own. Knowing this, what better way to spend the night before Halloween than giving back to these Sisters by handing out candy to them, hence the name, reverse trick or treating. 

Reverse trick or treating is not a new event for Immaculata University’s Campus Ministry, but is still just as rewarding as the years before! This event takes place at Camilla Hall, the Convent Home and Healthcare Center of the Sisters, Servants of the IHM. At Camilla Hall, students visit the Sisters throughout the Convent Home to hand them candy. Not only do the students enjoy being able to go and visit the Sisters, it’s clear that the Sisters enjoy this time together as well. De-Sean Hubert ‘26 states, “My favorite part about reverse trick or treating is seeing how excited all of the Sisters were when we’re giving out treats to them. Honorable mentions for startling them with my Friday the 13th mask, but giving out candy to them while complementing our costumes and getting to know them really warms my heart. They are truly inspirations to everyone and I’m glad we’re giving back to them.” It’s evident that these Sisters are truly an inspiration to many on campus and we have a lot to thank them for. 

Source: Amanda Bielat, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry

Not only did students get to spend reverse trick or treating putting a smile on the Sisters faces, they were able to spend such a great time with their friends. Kelley Burns ‘26 states “I would say that my favorite part was going to reverse treating with friends and having great conversations with the sisters. It honestly made my heart happy seeing Sisters light up when getting a little treat.” What better way to make us feel rewarded than giving back to the Sisters that established the very school we choose to get a great education at?

Source: Immaculata University’s Campus Ministry Instagram (@iuministry)

The event also brought some of the students a bit of nostalgia. Mary Steinbicker ‘26, states, “The whole event was a ton of fun but I really enjoyed chatting with the sisters, especially given that I was handing out mints. Many of the sisters commented that they loved that type of mints, and one even said she used to have them in her classroom to give to students who felt sick. I had a teacher do this too, so it was a nice moment of nostalgia.” Who knew reverse trick or treating could bring back so many good memories?

Reverse trick or treating is an event that runs successfully every year and always brings a lot of joy to the participating students, along with the Sisters. Natalie Hornberger ‘26, tells me how, “Reverse trick or treating was amazing! It was my first time in Camilla and it was such a great opportunity to meet the sisters and connect with the community! I look forward to participating in more events there in the future.” This is definitely an event that will run for many years to come, so there will be a lot to look forward to in the future! Stay tuned for what next year will bring. 

Source: Athena Kritikson ‘26, The Immaculatan Editor-in-Chief