Gina Marinelli, Staff Writer

The Rite Aid at Limerick Crossing officially closed on October 5th, 2022, which was a shock to many (Walters, 2022). This news comes after Rite Aid announced the closing of 63 of its stores on December 31st, 2021 (Benshoff, 2021). The Rite Aid in Limerick was a popular drugstore to many people in the area. Receiving 5 stars on Yelp and several positive reviews, the location was a hotspot (Rite Aid – Limerick, PA, n.d.). Long after its closure in 2022, it was revealed that it would become a Spirit Halloween location in 2023. Only open temporarily through the fall months, the Spirit Halloween will not be available year-round in this location, meaning that the building will be vacant in the months after Halloween. 

   Thankfully, the former employees at Rite Aid in Limerick have been moved to the Royersford store, located on 820 Main Street (Walters, 2022). Only a few minutes away from the Limerick location, the Royersford location is fully functioning. When it comes to the Rite Aid company, the company has officially filed for “Chapter 11 Bankruptcy” (Murphy & Kurtenbach, 2023). This means that several stores will be closing to help the company pay off debt. The stores that are not doing well will close, but the company will continue to serve customers in the process. These store closures have not just occurred in Pennsylvania, however. For example, recent news articles have shown that Rite Aid stores in a variety of different locations are shutting down. 

Whether or not another Rite Aid will be put in place of the former Limerick location is unknown. For now, former customers can visit their local CVS or other Rite Aid locations for medication as well as other convenience products. 


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