Gina Rulli ‘20, Staff Writer


I hate LinkedIn. 

There, I said it. 

As a millennial who has grown up with multiple social media accounts, LinkedIn feels forced, faked, and like a chore to maintain. Spending my time perfecting my online professional life makes me cringe. For the longest time, I assumed I was the only person who felt this way. All of that changed after I stumbled upon an article published on Slate. Authors Shannon Palus and Heather Schwedel, explained in great detail why LinkedIn sucks but why it is necessary. They summarized my feelings exactly when they wrote,“If the rest of social media is where we go to see that everyone is having more fun than us, LinkedIn is where we go to see that everyone is having more success than us.” Palus and Schwedel have a point though, LinkedIn is a necessary evil.

Professors and professionals deem it essential to succeed in a world that connects through social media. Employers often prefer it. Applying to jobs is becoming more difficult to do without it since job postings are posted through the app. With all of this knowledge, I recognized it was time to address my LinkedIn issue- I couldn’t settle any longer. 

With some research and experimentation, I found that there is more to professional social networking than LinkedIn. Woah! Crazy, right? But it is true. I found Girlboss- a social networking site designed for millennial women. I immediately appreciated the design and community feel of the app. It had options to showcase professional accomplishments, like LinkedIn, but because of the design it was much more intriguing. It had more outside opportunities than LinkedIn like the annual Girlboss convention. Some other fascinating aspects of the app included weekly fireside chats from professionals, a Girlboss radio station, and regularly updated astrological signs on your profile to guide you during your work week. Yes, you read correctly- astrological signs. 

Finally, I was learning, and enjoying, networking through social media. I felt motivated to post, to ask for help, and to cheer others on in their professional endeavors. 

In the end, it was not a social networking issue I was having- just a LinkedIn one. Some may prefer LinkedIn, but if you haven’t already, I encourage you to take the time to explore other social media networking apps. What you find may just surprise you.