Alex Singer ’24, Staff Writer

Source: CNB

Starting off my freshman year of college virtually definitely was a struggle. Getting used to the new websites, emails, and teachers was not easy to do. It took me a while to get used to college online. This was a lot different to the online school I had for the last half of my senior year in high school. I actually dug myself into a whole in the beginning of the semester when we were virtual by falling behind on assignments. After getting help from the great staff here and after returning to campus, I managed to get back on top of things.

Living on campus and going to in person classes made school easier to manage for me. It cut off all the distractions I had at home and helped me to focus on class better. Also, living in a dorm room by yourself with nothing else to do besides schoolwork definitely helps, too. After developing a weekly routine on campus with schoolwork and baseball, I was very disappointed when I found out all fall sports were going to be canceled, and I knew that they would switch classes back to virtually shortly after that. Though I was disappointed about classes being switched back to virtual, I was still glad that students still had the option to live on campus. Living in my dorm room just makes it way easier for me to focus on schoolwork. I did go home last week but I came back to campus for this week so I could focus on everything I have to do for this last weeks of the semester. Overall, switching from a virtual to a live back to a virtual context was very challenging but still manageable for students. I think the word “disappointing” actually fits better. It is disappointing for students in school that this is the reality nowadays. Hopefully, things change soon.