Jackie Castaneda ’24, Staff Writer

Covid-19 was a disease we never expected. At all. A pandemic that changed everything in a matter of seconds, then minutes, then days, then weeks and lastly months. As we know, Covid-19 is a contagious disease that affects the respiratory tract of the human body. It was originally discovered in the city of Wuhan, China in late of 2019. It affects everyone from young children to the elderly people wants this pandemic to be here. If people aren’t understanding and don’t obey the rules of quarantine when they show symptoms, community.

Scientists and lab technicians have proven that this pandemic is a big deal and that it is still think this disease is a hoax. People should be taking this disease very seriously because it is NOT a joke or lie. No one affecting the whole world. But we will face this pandemic for a much longer period of time than anticipated. If people are not taking precautions, this pandemic will never go away.

We should be taking every precaution to ensure that everyone is safe. Wash your hands and wear a mask.