Jessica Wolfgang ’25, Staff Writer

Our society has been through an awful lot this past year. During this time, we have learned to adapt, grow, flourish, and overcome. We will continue to establish those principles to other challenging subjects that may impact our society, other than the coronavirus. Nevertheless, there always will be a never-ending sense of hope that lurks throughout everyone’s daily lives. Whether that hope is through our support from family, friends, teachers, and staff, hope will always be there. While we tackle these journeys of life to the best of our ability, and with our support systems, we must never lose sight of taking time for ourselves. Due to the circumstances of the past year, it is important now more than ever that we take time for ourselves and participate in enjoyable activities. Fresh out of ideas? Bored and want something to do? Looking for something uplifting after a bad day? Want something easy and simple to do? Then this article is for you.

  1. Soap carving (for anyone)

You may be wondering, “What on earth is soap carving?” Soap carving is taking your basic dull cleaning device, called a soap bar, and channeling your inner Michelangelo carving skills. Want to make a heart? Go for it. Want to make a smiley face? Do it. Want to shave away at the soap without creating anything? Have fun! Essentially, soap carving involves grabbing certain clay/wood tools to scrape away at the soap to create something beautiful. A pencil/ light touch of the soap can typically help to outline your basic shape before taking away soap with a clay tool. In my experience, Ivory Soap is a great brand if you want a soap that is easily able to be carved. It is much softer than other soap brands and is an easy way for beginners to sculpt without having to use too much force to break the soap. Just make sure the soap is sealed upon carving. An open bar of soap that is left out for a bunch of days will become hard and brittle. You can still carve from it, however, the soap will become very brittle upon touch. Have fun carving!

2. Painting a Glass Frame (for Anyone)

Source: The List

Do you have a spare picture frame and some acrylic paints? Perfect, now let’s get started! For glass painting, just as it sounds, you want to paint on the glass of your picture frame with acrylic paints. You may print out a design to trace by simply slipping it under the glass, and tracing the image with a sharpie. Of course, that part is completely optional and is left for you to decide. Once you get an idea, simply put the paint on the glass and begin to paint your masterpiece. However, be patient! Typically, glass painting requires that you put your base color down, and another color on top of it. Layers are key with glass painting. For example, if you would like to paint your black fluffy cat, Diamond, you might paint the blue eyes and excess features. Once you are done with the smaller things, you would cover the design of the cat in black paint. Is your design starting to look junky? Do not panic. Trust the process! Your design will show up completely fine on the other side of the glass, the non-painted side. Make a mistake and hate the whole thing? Do not worry, I have been there. Thankfully, since you are painting on glass, the paint becomes easily peelable with the help of some cleaning products such as Windex. Simply clean the part with the paint, and your design will completely peel off! This process gives you as many redoes as possible. Have fun painting!

3. Drawing challenges (For Anyone)

Source: Inktober

Have you heard of Inktober? Why not make it a daily thing to express yourself! Inktober commonly takes place during the month of October. Participants are required to draw every day for a month following certain prompts. For example, on October 5th, your topic may be to draw a smiley face. You can put your own creative spin on it while you meet the requirements! Why not have a friend give you a topic to draw? Why not draw something you cannot draw such as hands, feet, or maybe a smiley face. Learn to trust yourself and the process. You may not like the outcome, but as a wise person once said, “practice makes perfect!”

4. Checking the Immaculata App (Immaculata Community only)

Source: Immaculata University

Are arts and crafts not your thing? No worries. If you want to be involved in a group activity/ event, then the Immaculata app is for you. The app not only serves as a reminder of what classes you have, but it connects you with your Immaculata family as well. Simply search on the community tab and watch some events pop up before your eyes. Maybe you will see an event you are interested in, maybe you will find out about a club that seems a lot of fun, maybe you just want to message someone who seems nice to make friends with, the possibilities are endless! Always make sure to keep the app at your fingertips if you can.