Trinity Shaffer ’23, Staff Writer

At any school, one of the most important days is Student Acceptance Day, a day where accepted students can come and explore all that the university has to offer. On Saturday March 26th, Immaculata University held their Accepted Students Day.

            All day long, tours were run across campus, and there were several events occurring. Students could find out more information about their prospective major, and learn what extracurriculars and clubs the university offers.

            The campus was abuzz with all the activity. Perspective students took tours with their families and friends. Parents could be seen taking pictures of the dome and other various buildings on campus. One of the many tours is shown in the picture below.

            It was a busy day full of excitement. Although the weather turned gray and rainy halfway through the day, the sun came out in full force and allowed for a sunny conclusion. Overall, it can be said that Immaculata University had a very successful Accepted Students Day.