Aubrey Grear ’25, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween are all popular holidays. However, there are holidays that are just as important to other countries in the world, such as St. Patrick’s Day! Created for the patron, Saint Patrick, this holiday is the one of the perfect holidays to recognize and celebrate freedom, with an array of fun activities to do such as parades, wearing green, showing appreciation to a special person, and enjoying why the country of Ireland is capable of doing a lot of the things that it can in today’s world. 

The Irish immigrants were the first people to personally experience the positive impact this holiday had on their lives. Mentally, this holiday improved happiness, eased stress and anxiety, helped with equity, and has even been shown to improve interactions among people. St. Patricks’ Day also has benefits on many people’s spiritual life. The constant belief of a savior included in this holiday has been shown to relieve asceticism and build the confidence in people about being saved when you are in desperate need of it. St. Patty’s Day helps ease our stress and infuse confidence in our minds so we can become mindful of why we have the life that we do in today’s society and join extensively with the people surrounding us with it as well.  All of these benefits of St. Patrick’s day makes it a favored holiday in the world today. 

St.  Patrick’s day is commemorated annually on March 17, within various locations around the world, most prominently in Ireland. The very first celebration of this holiday was in the year 1631. At a huge feast, tons of people in Ireland came together to acknowledge this satisfaction.  Additionally, the history behind wearing green on this day is a symbol of St. Patrick. The plant that he grew to explain the holy trinity to the pagan Irish was a green Shamrock. In conjunction, all of these reasons why we celebrate this day creates an excitement and respect for children, adults, and families to remember the best and most trusted saint in Ireland, positively impacting communities all over the world.

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