Abigail Yarrison ‘24, Editor in Chief

In between Alumnae and Loyola Hall now sits the Parson’s Science Pavilion. On Tuesday, September 13th students, faculty, donors, and IHM Sisters gathered on the Parson’s quad in front of the new building for the official dedication. President Barbara Lettiere began the ceremony by thanking everyone involved in the planning and construction of the Pavilion for their hard work. She addressed that there had been delays due to supply chain issues and escalating costs, but the team had pulled through to present the beautiful building. President Lettiere encouraged students to “learn, enjoy, and do well here,” and urged faculty to “inspire with all that’s here.”

Following President Lettiere, Jerry Parsons, who represented the Parsons family at the dedication, expressed his gratitude at being part of the expansion of the sciences. The building is dedicated to his parents, Donald and Elizabeth Parsons. Bridget McDonough ’23, a biology major at Immaculata, said a few words on how the building will impact her and her classmates. From the first lab on the ground floor of Villa Maria to today, with a state-of-the-art pavilion solely dedicated to biology, anatomy, physiology, and ecology, McDonough knows she is privileged to be a part of Immaculata’s science program. Finally, before the ribbon was cut, Father Royce blessed the building.

After 4 years of anticipation, those who gathered finally got to look inside. Tours were conducted by science students who led groups through the impressive interior. Immediately upon entry, a beautiful picture of Donald and Elizabeth Parsons resides on the left. Across from them is St. Albert Magnus, the patron saint of science. Together, they will forever watch over and bless those entering the Parson’s Science Pavilion. The building itself contains 7 wet-labs, an Anatomage Table, prep rooms, a classroom with whiteboard walls, state-of-the-art microscopes and chemistry tanks, as well as vibration resistant tables. 

“This momentous occasion marks the culmination of new dreams, relationships, and lifelong memories in the making,” said McDonough. And truly, the Parson’s Science Pavilion is a huge step forward for the sciences at Immaculata University.