Jordan Miller ‘23, Managing Editor

As college students, there is no doubt that we experience stressful days from time to time. As many of us work jobs, play collegiate sports, and attend extracurricular activities, there is a lot on our plate. I have gathered a list of my favorite activities to do after a stressful day, and I hope they can help you if you are in need of some ideas!

Drink a Cup of Hot Tea

I have recently discovered a love for tea, specifically, peppermint tea. It has become somewhat of a tradition that after I am finished with all my obligations for the day, I come home and prepare a hot cup of peppermint tea. I usually just sit on the couch with the tea in hand and simply relax. There is something very comforting about this and I highly encourage you to give it a try. If you don’t enjoy tea, grab your favorite drink and just take a minute for yourself. 

Source: Pixnio

Put On Your Favorite TV Show

One of my favorite activities to do at night is watching television. During the semester, I am so busy with classes and activities that I hardly get the chance to watch TV. Whenever I do get the chance, it is so enjoyable for me. I love to just lay in my bed, put on a comforting show, and relax. Sometimes, I will be so tired that I end up falling asleep and missing the whole show! After a long day, you need to let yourself relax. There is no shame in unwinding with your favorite show.

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Read a Book

I will be transparent in the fact that I do not find myself doing much reading during the week, but it is a wonderful way to unwind. I have a couple of books on my nightstand that I have slowly been going through. I do want to say that if you do choose to read at night, make it a topic you actually enjoy. Reading should be an exciting task for you, something to look forward to. If you aren’t enjoying the book, don’t force yourself to finish it. Not every book will suit every person. I prefer true crime stories, but they are not always great to read before bed. However, they do excite me and it is the type of content that I enjoy learning about.

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I hope this gave you a few ideas of ways you can relax after a stressful day! It is important to take time for yourself. A fair balance of personal time is needed for busy students. We need to take care of ourselves! Remember, if you are feeling especially stressed or overwhelmed, contact the Wellness Center at the Bruder Center.