Jordan Miller ‘23, Managing Editor

Source: Unsplash

At the beginning of the semester, I prompted myself to make a change in my lifestyle. I was unhappy, stressed, and felt like I had no stable routine when it came to exercise. Growing up, I was always athletic. I played multiple sports and spent a lot of time outside. My entire high school career as well as freshman year of college, I played tennis. I will always love tennis and I continue to play with my family in my free time. As a college student, I was unable to find the balance to fit collegiate sports into my life. I was able to make the decision to put my academics first. While this was sad and a hard decision for me to make, it was for the best. But I still wanted to fit exercise into my life, so I had to take that into my own hands.

Working out is something that I truly enjoy. Not only does it make me feel good physically, but mentally as well. There is nothing that I enjoy more after a long day of school work than getting some cardio in. I have had my days where I don’t feel like working out. In fact, I’ve gone through ruts where I don’t work out for months. This semester, I made it a personal goal to create a workout schedule for myself.

Monday-Thursday are my target days. These are also the days I have class. Personally, I prefer to get my school work done before I exercise. For me, exercise is a time when I can mentally unwind. This is why I like to get my school work done, so it is not hanging over my head while I work out. 

Not everyone has the leisure of choosing their workout time. Some people have to fit it in whenever they have a free hour. 7:15 p.m. is my favorite time to work out. I love to pop my earbuds in and put on a Netflix show while I run on the treadmill, hit the elliptical, or stationary bike. I then lift some weights and do strength training. I know they say that you should always do cardio after lifting, but I honestly just do whatever feels right to me. 

If you struggle with feeling depressed, I encourage you to try working out a couple of times a week. It may not relieve all your problems, but it will give you a chance to move your body and release some tension. Your personal workouts do not have to be anything crazy. Maybe you enjoy walking, so take a walk around campus! You could also do yoga, or grab a basketball and go shoot some hoops. The point is that working out should be enjoyable for you. Don’t be afraid to let your body rest as well. Your muscles will thank you.

 Lifestyle changes are great when they can benefit your mental and physical health!