Elizabeth Miller ’25, Staff Writer

After getting in contact through dms, the Instagram account you all know and love, Mighty Mac Affirmations, agreed to a special interview for the Immaculatan! I held this interview with the anonymous admin over dms.

What inspired you to start this account?

Well, honestly, the University of Michigan affirmations page did. I noticed we [here at IU] didn’t have any fun accounts like that, so one of my friends suggested I make one. 

So, I take it you’re not the only one behind this account?

No. Although I officially run the account, there is a little group of us. While I make posts and post them, the rest of the group comes up with ideas for what to write.

How do you all come up with ideas?

We hear stories from around campus, of just our own experiences on campus and think of how we can turn it into a funny thing for other people who may have had similar experiences. But on top of us getting ideas, we encourage people to share their own. It’s kind of like community bonding in a way.

Speaking of community, you have been gaining quite a following over such a short period of time, over 300 followers already! How does it feel to know so many people are seeing the account? Are you  worried about any haters?

Honestly, it feels good to know that a silly little joke instagram account can make so many people happy. I enjoy the fact people like what we’re doing. As for hate, I haven’t gotten any yet. If I do though,  it’s not that big of a deal to me. The account is mainly for laughs, and if there is someone that does have a problem with it, that’s fine. Obviously, in terms of specific, group-oriented affirmations, I will not post anything super offensive or harmful, so as not to hurt anyone.

You seem to like to stay anonymous. Do you have any concern about  people trying to figure out who’s behind this account?

I think there are people who are obviously curious, so it is a bit of a concern. However, I do hope people will respect the decision for me to stay anonymous for now. Eventually there will be a reveal, but that’s in the future. 

Not to be pushy, but what if someone finds out before you’re ready?

The groups and I have discussed it before and as of right now we think the best thing would be to just delete the account. Obviously if things change and we decide to be open about it and still continue to make content, that might change. But I trust the IU students to respect the privacy of the group at the moment and just enjoy the content!

Do you have any bigger plans with the account other than making affirmations? Perhaps any follower goals?

I do have a few things in mind. Nothing set for follower “goals” really, but I have gotten some suggestions for merch like stickers or shirts, I think that would be fun to tackle. It all really depends. Obviously I don’t want to turn this into a monopoly or anything, but it would be a nice idea.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your followers and readers of the Immaculatan?

Thank you for the support and thanks for the interview! It makes me happy to see how well everything has been received!

And that’s the scoop! Thank you so much, Mighty Mac Affirmations (@mightymacaffirmations on Instagram), for agreeing to this interview!