Cleo Hoey ’22, Staff Writer

On Monday, January 31, Professor Rice’s Business and Professional Speaking class welcomed Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music award-winner Andie Summers to Immaculata for an exciting discussion about her experience working in radio broadcasting. Summers is the host of 92.5 XTU’s “The Andie Summers Show,” where she shares the latest and greatest country music songs each weekday morning. After over 20 years of work in the radio industry, Summers offered some important insight that can be applied to any career path.

On success…

In order to be successful in any career, Summers advises college students to “learn everything you can. Knowledge is power.” In reflecting on her own experiences, Summers acknowledges that her willingness to develop new skills on the job helped her to adapt to change as necessary. “You never know what kind of turn the economy will take… it’s not stuff that you can predict,” Summers adds, nodding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, being prepared to shift out of our comfort zones and fill in gaps in times of need makes us more valuable to the teams that we work with.

On getting a foot in the door…

If you know that you want to pursue something specific, but you aren’t sure where to start, Summers recommends applying for internships with companies that you’re interested in. Again, internships provide an excellent opportunity to learn so many different facets of the industry. With regard to broadcasting specifically, getting involved in street work (or citizen journalism) is a great way to explore different elements of the field.

On being a self-advocate…

Summers spoke extensively about the importance of advocating for ourselves – both in the workplace and in our personal lives. “It’s a sticky thing because [how we handle mental health] is so personal,” she explained. We deserve to engage with people who treat us with respect. In any environment, though, we are likely to encounter situations that we are unsure how to handle. In these moments, Summers says, “ask yourself, ‘Is this something you can live with and deal with?’ If not, it’s on you to go and do something about it.”

Before the conclusion of our interview, I asked Summers for a song recommendation. One of her favorites right now is “Buy Dirt” by Luke Bryan, so make sure to take a listen!

Check out The Andie Summers Show weekdays from 5:30AM to 10:00AM on 92.5 XTU!