Zoe Kartsounas, Staff Writer

On April 15th, 2024, Immaculata University’s Art Club held a “Spring Art Show” for the school. Students, faculty, and the community could come to admire students’ artwork while enjoying refreshments. Students submitted different pieces of artwork consisting of various mediums such as paintings, crochet, pencil sketches, drawings, pottery, etc. 

Many unique forms of art were displayed, from realism to abstract. Artists exchanged insights and inspiration, and the show truly proved to be a unifying event. Overall, the art show was a great success and a testament to the originality, talent, and commitment of all involved. 

Immaculata University’s art club encourages creativity, self-expression, and a collective spirit in the activities and events they host. Past events included guided painting lessons, craft making, vinyl painting, ornament decorating, and many more. The art show was put together by Art club president- Zoie Kartsounas, Vice President -Lisa Mercedes, Secretary- Skye Dreng Hamrell, and Treasurer- Lena Rohn. The Art club welcomes all students to join and is eager to plan the next art show for Immaculata.

Pieces featured in photos showcase:

 A sculpture titled, “Broken Heart” by freshman and art club member, Amanda Fennell.

Crochet art titled “Floating Garden” by freshman and art club member, Dulce Diaz.

A painting titled “Luminance” by sophomore and Art Club President,  Zoie Kartsounas.