Jessica Wolfgang, Staff Writer

April 8th 2024, marked a nationwide event in Northern America: the infamous solar eclipse. Now what on earth is a solar eclipse and why is it such an important event? Well for starters, the solar eclipse marks the time when the moon completely blocks out the sun. It also marks the time when you should certainly not stare at the sun, as doing so could result in eye damage … not that you should be staring at the sun to begin with. This event can be cool to witness as it is not one that happens every day. However, taking proper caution in examining this rare event is crucial.

Immaculata’s Viewing

Around 2 pm on the Monday of the 8th, Immaculata students and faculty gathered around Parsons Science Pavilion to witness this opportunity. Proper glasses for viewing as well as neat telescopes were present at the scene. Everyone waited anxiously for the moon’s guest cameo. Unfortunately, only clouds and a partial cameo revealed itself. Turns out, there are proper places to properly view the tremendous sight, quite a shame. Regardless, it was a great turn of events to see the majority of Immaculata’s staff and students gather together in harmony to celebrate this occasion.

Places to be

As stated previously, the Moon had a designated path showing itself more in other places. Apparently, if you were stationed in Pennsylvania, arguably the best place to witness its guest appearance was in Erie. Or, similarly, if you were stationed in Texas, you would want to be in one of the cities on the Moon’s VI.P. list, such as Austin or Eagle Pass.

Coming soon?

People are speculating the next time the moon will have its sights on North America – some are even predicting two decades from now! Hopefully, it won’t be that far away…