Emily Bednarczyk, Staff Writer

Twas the day before New Years,  

when all through the house, 

not a surface was clean,  

not even the couch. 

The halls were decked with clutter,  

wrapping paper strewn everywhere, 

in hopes that the Cleaning Fairy,  

would soon relieve the despair. 

If you feel this way, you’re not alone. People feel particularly stressed about cleaning after the holidays. According to a survey by Hoover, “71% of Americans  admit to faking a pristine house during the holiday season using tactics like hiding messy belongings behind closed doors (55%), cleaning around decorations (35%),  moving furniture to hide stains (14%), and even sweeping debris under rugs (10%).”  With the New Year quickly approaching and New Year resolutions on the horizon,  people are even more compelled to get their homes cleaned. So, how do you get it  clean? Here’s a new cleaning system, by the Cleaning Coach, that you can try. 

The Cleaning Coach separates household tasks using the Alphabet System:

A stands for accumulating items, which are dishes and laundry. 

B stands for items that need get go back, which includes the bed and tidying rooms.

C stands for cleaning, which involves rotating tasks weekly and biannually. Weekly cleaning involves mirrors, toilets, sinks, countertops, floors, and showers. Biannual cleaning involves lights, walls, trim, windows, doors, and cabinetry/furniture.

Want even more organization? There is also a D, E, and F portion of the system, which stand for declutter, extra, and food, for those who have mastered the first three items and want to tackle their clutter, paperwork, and dinner plans. The system can easily be followed, in the Cleaning Calendar, just in case the cleaning fairy doesn’t  show up. 


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